BioSync Download and Remote Scanning

BioSync Software

The BioSync software is used for the update of the NES miHealth devices by either practitioners in their clinic or clients at home. The BioSync software also allows your clients to remote scan from home.

In order for your clients to remote scan at home, they will need either a NES miHealth or a NES Scanner device. Both of these can be purchased from the NES Health Portal (

Please click one of the following to begin downloading BioSync:


Mac OS

After the download is complete double click on the downloaded file and step through the on-screen installation instructions.
If you have a NES Scanner device then you are ready to connect it and begin.
If you have a NES miHealth, be sure to turn on the device, connect it, then begin.

Once BioSync is installed, plug in scanner into a working USB port.
Open BioSync and Click on “Scan.”
Log in using the email and password provided to you by your practitioner.
When the device is detected, place hand on scanner and click “Start Scan”.
Once completed, click “Send Scan to Practitioner”