ProVision window shrinks when the cog/gear is clicked

Issue: When clicking the cog within a scan, the popup window opens with the view enlarged, making it impossible to navigate within the window. At the same time, the main PV scan window shrinks to about half the size.

Cause: This occurs if the Windows scaling is set to above 100%

Follow this guide: where it says ‘Change the size of text, apps, and other items’ set this to 100%. Apply the changes then restart Windows. If the display is too small to read then the resolution can be decreased but needs to be at least 1024*768 to display all of ProVision, follow the first part of this guide:

If the above settings do not achieve the desired display size then revert the changes and use the Portal within your normal browser. To select the screens for the client to see do the following:

  1. Open your normal browser
  2. Log into the Portal
  3. Click 'Client Scans'
  4. Click 'View Scan' next to the scan you wish to select the screens, this is now the same view that you would see in ProVision when the cog/gear is clicked.
  5. Click the red/white cog/gear, select the screens that you wish the client to see, click 'Save'.