ProVision Shortcut Missing

If the Desktop shortcut for ProVision is missing please try the following:

  1. While holding the Windows key (bottom-left of keyboard) press the letter 'E', this should open a Windows Explorer window.
  2. Navigate to the ProVision program folder, this will either be C:\Program Files (x86)\NES Health\NES ProVision OR C:\Program Files\NES Health\NES ProVision
  3. Find the file named ‘NES ProVision v1.0.exe’ (note the exe may be hidden), it will be the file that has the NES Health icon and has a type of 'Application'. If this file isn’t present then your anti-virus has probably quarantined it - please submit a ticket at
  4. Right-click this file, click ‘Send to’ then click ‘Desktop (create shortcut)’, this should create a shortcut on your desktop.