USA miHealth Repairs Information (Includes All Resets & Calibration Instructions)

USA miHealth Repairs Information

Find out how to get repair service for your miHealth.

Not sure if your miHealth needs repair? Below are several support articles for answers to the most common questions. All USA in-house miHealth repairs are subject to a $100 service fee, so make sure to read these articles carefully before considering sending in your miHealth for service.

Your miHealth won’t turn on after charging for a minimum of 3 hours. It may or may not be making a clicking noise when pressing the power button.

Basic reset

Your screen presses on the miHealth aren’t very accurate and/or you are unable to select some functions using your finger or stylus.

Screen calibration reset

You are unable to feel anything from the electrodes on the miHealth during use, or you are unable to detect the body-field when attempting to perform a scan in ProVision.

You’ve recently traveled with your device.

Electrode calibration instructions

Your screen orientation often unwantedly flips or gets stuck sideways.

Screen orientation reset

Your miHealth has a plain white screen, is malfunctioning, flashing, or other similar major software issues.

Factory reset

If you still are experiencing issues, please contact support by submitting a ticket at here and selecting the appropriate category.

Warranty and Terms

All miHealths purchased directly from NES Health are covered under a ONE (1) year manufacturer’s warranty. This warranty does not apply: to batteries or damage caused by accident, abuse, or misuse. Note: this is not an all-inclusive list. Please refer to the warranty information included with your Total WellNES System for more details.

We do offer miHealth “insurance” also known as NES Care. Please click here for more information.