BWS - Creating a Custom miHealth Cycle

To create a custom cycle for your (or one of your client's) miHealth using BWS please do the following:

  1. Log into the Portal:
  2. Click 'Client Scans'
  3. Click 'View Scan' next to the client's scan you wish to create a cycle for
  4. Open the 'Recommendations' screen
  5. Ensure the Infoceuticals/ERs that you wish to issue this client are correct
  6. Click 'Create miHealth Cycle'
  7. From the list of miHealths click 'Select miHealth' (this would usually be the client's miHealth but could also be yours). Existing cycles on the miHealth (if any) will be shown here, any older than 28 days will automatically be deleted from the miHealth but if you reach the maximum number of cycles (20) within 28 days then you can delete a cycle here
  8. Add a cycle name and choose if you wish the cycle to pause between functions (for example when using ERs it's necessary to look up where the miHealth should be used over)
  9. On the right are the ERs that have been automatically recommended/added based on the scan (previously shown on the recommendations screen), on the left are the available functions which you can add (up to 8 items in total) by dragging from the left box to the right box. If you wish to remove any functions that are in the right box then drag each one from the right to left box. The functions in the right box can also be reordered by dragging the items up and down.
  10. When you are happy with the functions that will be added to the cycle (the ones listed in the right box) click 'Save' (you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page).
  11. This cycle can now be downloaded onto the miHealth using BioSync