Sea Mineral Solution

Sea Mineral Solution

Over the past year, since meeting Dr. Gerald Pollock, we've been researching and testing the best way to create structured water in order to provide the best possible carrier medium for our Infoceuticals.

We're happy to announce that a new Infoceutical formula is here. But first, a little background...

When mixing minerals in a carrier solution, it creates what Dr. Pollack calls an EZ (exclusion zone) layer around each mineral. The EZ layer is formed of highly structured water or H3O2 (instead of H2O), which is the ideal structure for imprinting and storing information in water.

H3O2 is a bit like computer memory, which is able to store information and then when carried into the body via water is able to transmit that information directly to the cells.

In testing a number of different mineral mixes, we wanted to create a formulae that is as close too blood plasma as we could to help with maintaining the hydro-mineral balance in our cells and to ensure the information contained around each mineral ion is carried directly into the cells.

We found that primordial sea minerals (minerals from the sea millions of years ago when the environment was pristine) mixed with pharmaceutical grade Magnesium and Potassium provided the cleanest and closest biological match to add additional structure and information to the water that you drink which in turn helps ensure your internal sea is as healthy as possible.

Life originated in the sea and in fact even land living animals are walking bags of cells living in a mobile sea or extracellular matrix. Our cells feed on this extracellular water, on the ions and Ez water surrounding them. This is the reason why drinking imprinted structured water is so powerful - it changes the extracellular matrix that our cells live in. When you improve the extracellular matrix - you improve your cells health. Therefor adding highly structured information imprinted water too the water that you drink helps to restore your cellular system back to balance and vitality.

Primordial sea minerals contain all the natural elements of the periodic classification, with proportions analogous to those of our internal sea, composes of various organic liquids such as extracellular liquid, blood plasma, tears, cerebrospinal fluid, connective tissue and cellular gels.

To ensure purity and additional structure, our sea mineral water is filtered, structured and stability tested in a pharmaceutical grade facility. The Infoceuticals should be stored in a cool, dry place. There is no need for refrigeration.

The slightly salty taste is due to the sea minerals, which are analogous to your blood plasma. There are no contra-indications for those worried about taking excess sodium. Both the nature of the sodium is different coming from sea minerals instead of from harmful processed sodium chloride (table salt) and it amounts to just a tiny fraction of your daily recommended amount. In fact it is highly beneficial to replace sodium chloride with natural sea minerals, which in turn will dramatically improve your extra-cellular matrix.

The other two ingredients in our formulae help to stabilise in case of bacterial exposure. The first ingredient being citric acid, which is an essential part of the citric acid cycle and occurs in the metabolism of all aerobic organisms. Citric acid is commonly used in formulations to help stability and buffer alkalinity. The second ingredient is Potassium Sorbate which is naturally found in Almonds and is used by the organic food and supplements industry as the most favoured preservative. These two ingredients replace the alcohol used previously which was of concern to sensitive clients.

The dosage of the new formulae is the same. It's just a higher quality, purer carrier for the body.

We're excited to continue improving our products so you can provide the best possible outcomes to your clients and patients.