Mixing Infoceuticals

Mixing Infoceuticals - sometimes something said in early history has the danger to become Dogma especially when it gets written into books and training - no different to why the DNA dogma or even the chemical control system dogma has become such a dominant paradigm that Bioenergetics destroys and goes beyond. The key thing to note here is that knowledge is not fixed and is very fallible to human interpretation which subtly and insidiously creeps up to create rules, beliefs, facts and........Dogma. Even nes is not immune to this. To take this a step further not even the rules of physics are fixed, not even the speed of light and certainly not our consensual reality. With that rather strong opening (must be a passionate plane ride we're having today :-)) - on to Mixing Infoceuticals. Once upon a time, Harry & Peter started NES in a soon to be demolished house (cheap rent when you are a pair of renegades with no money putting everything you can into creating a new field of medicine), and people started asking us - what is the protocol for this and what is the protocol for that? Peter being very accommodating, said well you mix Heart Driver with EI 6 if you want Joy, and you mix x y z for that etc......this of course got rather out of hand as everyone was asking for the mix for this and for that........and we had a SYSTEM (the scan!) that worked out the perfect mix of Infoceuticals already. So we stopped providing mixes/protocols for this and that as it went against the wisdom of the scan which is by far the most accurate way of knowing the right combination and the rule or DOGMA got created that said you can't mix Infoceuticals.......These things creep up rather easily, it ended up in too strong a form in our book Decoding and therefor training without the true Context of the science and logic behind it. So what is the actual context? ProVision is a matching system in that is able to work out the perfect combination of Information to Direct the Energy of Your Body-Field that will un layer in the correct order any distortions that are blocking communication to your cells. Correct the Body-field and cellular communication, healing starts too occur.

The context that has got very distorted over the years is that, you should use the scan to work out the combination and not as a general rule make up protocols yourself.

Making up protocols takes a high level understanding of how energy works in the body to know what effect you'll have and unlikely to be the optimal root back to increased health and energy for life.

This said if you feel you have the experience and understanding of Chinese Medicine and NES theory too go off Label because you're trying to tackle some particular system or have a particular effect that's ok, just know in our humble opinion our algorithm and matching system has the logic built in and will most likely be a better answer.

Peter and I mixed Infoceuticals always ourselves. I still do. The Infoceuticals themselves are mixes.....especially the Energetic Stars which came out of people asking what are the Driver and Integrator combinations for x y z - in reality taking a mix of drivers and integrators that comes up in the scan -
is your own Custom Energetic Star - which is what Peter and I ourselves took on a daily basis.

The sequence of mixing is not essential. The Information signal is still in the water that you drink and still gets to the cells that need them. Cell membranes have protien receptors on them which acts like tuning forks through a process called resonance - imagine playing C sharp before E sharp or E sharp before C sharp- you end up with a chord regardless and if you have another 2 tuning forks tuned to C and E sharp they will both resonant regardless of the order you played them.

ie. the embryonic layering of the body-field and the drivers is absolutely true and increases the accuracy of the scan if we ask the body in order and as we can only give 4-6 infoceuticals at a time (too many dilutes the energy available to heal a particular function), then we give preference too the infoceuticals earlier in the scan as having more importance in the sequence of healing and yes......that got interpreted as infoceuticals have to always be mixed in order (DOGMA ALERT), where as the truth is while there is a slight benefecial effect to mixing in order, the majority of the effect is simply from the information contained in the mix which will resonant with the right cells that need that message.

So to summarize if you're following the scan, feel free too mix Infoceuticals and don't get too caught up on the DOGMA in our training. Mid August we're putting up new training which will be much simpler to follow.
All the best,
Harry Massey