ProVision - How to Delete a Single Scan Without Deleting Client


Client was scanned into wrong client record. Need to delete the single scan under the wrong person.


Although there is no ProVision function to delete a single scan, the "Backup/Restore Clients" feature can be used to remove individual scans, without deleting the entire client record.

In this solution, the client record is backed up, then restored, choosing to restore all scans except the one to be deleted.

  1. In ProVision create a client with the same name but with 'NEW' added to the name. For example: 'Jane NEW'.

  2. In the ProVision Settings window (from the home screen of ProVision click "Settings"), click the "Backup/restore clients" button.

  3. In the Backup tab, click the "Select backup file" button, then enter a backup location (external USB stick/pen/hard drive) and a filename (for example, JaneBackup). Click ‘Save’.

  4. In the "Select which clients to backup" section, click the checkbox in front of the client name in which the scan to be removed exists.Then click the "Backup selected clients" button. The backup can take a few
    minutes depending on the number of clients and scans you have. The backup file will be created in the specified location.

  5. To restore the client file and exclude a specific scan, go to the Restore tab in the Backup/Restore window. In the Step 1 section, click the "Select file to restore from" button. Browse to the location of the backup file, select it, then click "Open".

  6. In the Step 2 - Select Restore Type section, click the button for "Restore individual scans." Select the client name in the Step 3 window. The scans for this client will appear in a list to the right of the client name.

  7. Within the Client Scans list, select the scan you want to keep. Click the "Restore scan to existing client" button, then select the client's name (for example Jane NEW) in the Existing Clients list. Click the "Restore selected scan into selected client" button in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  8. Repeat step 7 above for each additional scan you want to keep. Be sure to omit the scan you want to delete.

  9. Check the new client (Jane NEW) has all of the correct scans. The client with the incorrect scan (Jane) can now be deleted and the new client with the correct scans (Jane NEW) can be renamed (back to Jane).

For complete instructions on backing up and restoring ProVision client records and scans, go to: