miHealth Fails To Charge When Plugged In And Gets Stuck In A Loop Where A Clicking Sound Can Be Heard

miHealth fails to charge when plugged in and gets stuck in a loop where a clicking sound can be heard, a date screen is shown then it shuts down. This is also related to an issue where if the miHealth is left plugged in overnight the battery is not fully charged This is a known issue in version 2.02 which has been resolved in 2.03.


  1. Plug the miHealth into the USB cable and power source.

  2. If the battery is empty you will continue to see a black screen and hear a clicking sound.

  3. Within a couple of minutes the miHealth will normally start up, either a date time screen or the home screen
    will be displayed. As soon as this happens, immediately unplug the cable from the miHealth and plug back in (within a few seconds).

  4. Either the screen will remain on and the battery symbol (top-right) will show as charging or the miHealth will
    turn off and show a white charging screen (you may need to touch the screen for this to show), repeat step 3 until either the miHealth stays turned on or the charging screen is shown. Please leave the miHealth plugged in for 3 hours, after this time remove from the power, turn on then off again to ensure it’s not draining the power after being charged. We have now resolved this issue in the latest software, continue with these steps to update your miHealth.

  5. Download and install the miHealth Desktop Updater (on a Windows based computer) from here:

  6. Once installed, run the program by clicking on the desktop icon named ‘miHealth Desktop Updater’.

  7. Turn your miHealth on and connect it to your computer using the USB cable.

  8. Select the desired language that you want to be displayed on the desktop updater and on your miHealth.

  9. Click ‘Check for Updates’. Then click ‘Download’. Do not unplug, touch or use the miHealth once you’ve
    clicked ‘Download’ until the Desktop Updater says ‘Update complete’.

  10. The update process will take a few minutes.