Key Symbol on miHealth

A key symbol is shown when the miHealth is turned on.

This is shown when either the battery has been replaced or the power has run really low more than 10 times.

If the miHealth already has the latest software then a NES Service administrator will need to assist to ‘Force Software Update’ for the specific device, after this then the owner should update their miHealth (steps below):

  1. Ensure your computer is connected to the Internet.

  2. Download and install BioSync:
    Windows Version - Mac Version -

  3. Once installed, run the program by clicking on the desktop icon named ‘BioSync’.

  4. Turn your miHealth on and connect it to your computer using the USB cable.

  5. Click 'miHealth Updater' ‘Check for Updates’. Then click ‘Update’. Do not unplug, touch or use the miHealth once you’ve clicked ‘Update’ until the application says ‘Update complete’.

  6. The update process can take a few minutes.